You might notice a couple of pages on the website menu here: Satellites and Starlinks. These are, in themselves, pretty dull pages. They comprise a list of satellites tracked in the Find Satellites app, with the Starlinks getting a page all to themselves, on account of their obscene numbers. However, those list contain links to the root page of this website - the app itself - with an id tagged on to the end in the query string. Whenever you use the Find Satellites URL with ?s=insert-id-here appended to it, the app will select and move to that particular satellite as soon as the data is loaded.

These pages are semi-automatically generated. That is, I need to manually run some scripts that will look at the latest list of satellites and starlinks and generate the links. So when new Starlinks are launched (and at the time of writing, (some delayed Starlink launches are pending)[] ) then there will be some not yet linked to on these pages.